Wiley College

Marshall, Texas

Team Name: Wildcats

Address: 711 Wiley Ave., Marshall, TX 75670

Web: WileyC.edu

Phone: 903-927-3300

Facebook: WileyCollege

Instagram: wileycollege1873

Twitter: WileyCollege

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Undergraduate Enrollment1,172
Acceptance RateN/A
In-State Tuition$318
Out-of-State Tuition$318

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Wiley College

Marshall, Texas

WILEY COLLEGE WAS FOUNDED by the Freedman’s Aid Society in 1873 to train teachers for careers in African American elementary and secondary schools. Today, Wiley has a focused curriculum that includes fifteen distinct degree programs.

Wiley College challenges its students to connect what they learn in the classroom to the world beyond the classroom, creating a path of excellence that goes beyond honor and recognition.

More and more, students of all races and many nationalities find that Wiley—with its intimate Marshall, Texas, campus—is a welcoming place that offers access to the amenities of Dallas and Shreveport while also providing an environment for students’ intellectual growth away from the distractions of big city life.

Wiley College program offerings include three fully online degree programs. Its Student Success Center positively impacts the achievement and persistence of new students through intensive advising and coaching. Through the college’s partnership with the UNCF Career Pathways Initiative and the Strada Education Network, students are earning certification in hard skills and receiving hands-on and guided career planning to help them stay on track and persist to earn their college degree.

Thanks to the success of the movie The Great Debaters in 2007, the debate program was reestablished and in 2009 won its first debate after an eighty-year hiatus. Since then, it has twice won the Overall Sweepstakes Championship at the prestigious Pi Kappa Delta National Comprehensive Tournament.



Acceptance RateN/A
Median composite SAT scoreN/A
Median ACT score16
Undergraduate Enrollment1,172
Students on Financial Aid100%


In-State Tuition$318
Out-of-State Tuition$318
Room and Board$5,001-7000


African American Students83%
Asian American Students0%
Hispanic Students4%
International Students10%
Male/Female Ratio41/59


Greek SystemYes
Freshman Living on Campus78%
Freshmen Who Return52%
Student/Teacher Ratio18:1
Full-Time Faculty68


Graduation in Four YearsN/A
Graduation Overall20%
Alumni Who Give $ to School16%